My alkaline lifestyle has changed the way I associate food with body image.  Today food for me has nothing to do with calorie counting or body weight, instead its about my energy levels and how I feel.  ~ I am taking the same approach to exercise.  Exercise is no longer about how I look or how many calories I’m burning, now its about how I feel physically/mentally & psychologically.  With this shift in consciousness my new motivation to exercise is maintaining happiness and health.

I love running but I needed something more diverse, and that’s when yoga came along.  Being a former gymnast I’m not really sure what took me so long to turn this leaf, regardless it has been the mind/body connection my exercise routine was lacking.  Now I’m working on practicing yoga or going for a run for at least 45 minutes each day ~ which to me is an attainable starting point.  Kris Carr suggests that we make exercise like brushing our teeth, meaning that it happens easily without question or hesitation.  I think she’s right, the stigmas and intimidation surrounding exercise make us resistant to confidently commit to a routine.  So pick something you have fun doing and make it happen before or after brushing your teeth, EVERYDAY.

Yoga may not be the right fit for everyone, but if you’re interested many studios offer great first time student rates for a month unlimited.  Or you could try something different like aerial yoga in the picture right.  Asking about promotions is the perfect way to test the waters and find which type of exercise is right for you.  In Victoria, BC I would recommend Cadence Fitness – awesome instructors and out of the box classes = fun.

Location is key!  Pick a place near work, school or home that won’t be a pain to get to ~ this way you will have fewer excuses not to go!  In Montreal my yoga studio was a minute walk from home and I never found myself unmotivated to attend.

Admittedly I am far from mastering meditation, however the processes of learning have inspired me to keep attending yoga practice and calm my mind while moving my body.  Meditation practices are especially useful for dealing with anxiety and stress that all of us feel from time to time.  The practice of trying to turn off the mind is challenging and relaxing at the same time, and I recommend it to anyone… we could all use a few less thoughts.

Meditation has also opened my eyes to mindful eating ~ which involves being present at meal time and paying attention to tastes, thoughts and senses, in order to really appreciate food and create consciousness around my consumption.  This has been very eye opening as I was previously the fastest eater alive (a consequence of siblings who eat off your plate growing up).  Slowing down my eating and being mindful has helped my digestion and allowed me to enjoy food in a different way.

Get out there and find the right exercise routine for you.  If its short and fun you will be motivated to do it everyday!  While you’re at it pay attention to the mind/body/spirit, after all its one important connection.

*And for those of you still thinking about weight, when you’re eating whole foods and in a fun workout routine you will look and feel fantastic effortlessly… so breathe and let it go!

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