Raw Brownies ~ and Labelling Your Ingredients

Happy Wednesday. I hope you are settled into yet another week.

I have a really delicious dessert recipe to share with you. This one comes from My New Roots, a favourite recipe blog of mine. We modified the formula a bit by adding some coconut and changing the shape of the brownies. It was a messy ‘baking’ session – but the taste was worth a little extra tidy up time.

Follow this link for full details on The Raw Brownie by My New Roots.

List of ingredients:

2 cups whole walnuts
2 ½ cups Medjool dates, pitted
1 cup raw cacao
1 cup raw unsalted almonds, roughly chopped
¼ tsp. sea salt



Simple right?? Plus coconut if you wish. Annnnnd Sarah (My New Roots) suggests splurging a bit on quality organic ingredients – because the simplicity of this recipe makes taste very important. She is right ~ especially when it comes to finding great Medjool dates.

Without the luxury of a food processor we used a magic bullet to start, followed by a hand blender – and the two processes combined allowed us to puree the dates (while contributing to the mess). We also used a touch of almond milk to add some moisture to the mix.

Being that our treats were for a pot luck we rolled the brownies into smaller portions and sprinkled them with coconut. This way the rich cocoa taste didn’t overwhelm the taste tester – and those who loved chocolate could just take two. This treat was fun to make – and left plenty of room for creativity. A little espresso or rum in there might be the perfect way to serve raw brownies over a holiday season.

If you make them early just place them in the fridge before serving. *Remember if you are watching your blood sugar levels these are high on the glycemic index so just be conscious.

I had some great foodie conversations this week — as always. This time over beers (cleansing… water for me). A few coworkers and I were discussing recipes in anticipation of this pot luck. From there we got to talking about the importance of ingredients involved in each dish. For me ingredient consciousness is a choice to deal with stomach sensitivities, but for those with allergies the details of such ingredients are more crucial. For example many conventional products used in a recipe may contain soy, nuts, wheat and so on — and usually these ingredients are hidden under complicated terms. When listing ingredients is it enough to write chocolate chips – when the formula for making that product contains a whole host of other ingredients??

Well after chatting back and forth we came to realize why it is to be aware of what is used in store bought products. Another helpful thing we did for this pot luck was label the ingredients of each dish, much like you would find on the back of packaging. That way there was no mix up in what might or might not be in the food. I think this is not always necessary depending on who is eating – but nonetheless a very courteous thing to do when serving large groups. For me spotting ingredients that my body disagrees with will help me avoid a stomach ache, and for many others avoid an awful allergic reaction.  All the more reason to keep it simple and opt for whole foods where possible.

I feel like I had a lot more to share this week – but have run out of time and have to get to work. Lots of material for next post!

Oh and here is an article I read yesterday by the New York Times, The Challenge of Going Vegan. I am not a huge fan of using the term vegan, but the article is more about going plant-based and the comments below are interesting. We know something is trendy when the NYT writes about it :) This article states that over 7 million Americans are following a vegetarian diet and numbers are growing exponentially each year. There are some helpful tips and good discussions. Worth a quick read.

Writing to you is a highlight in my week. Thanks for reading.


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One thought on “Raw Brownies ~ and Labelling Your Ingredients

  1. Britt – we tried the Banana/Almond Butter/Chocolate Frozen Dessert. Refreshing! Yummie! Also, just a few pieces were sufficient for desert. S

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