lent, lattes and letting go

Yesterday my good friend trish asked what I am giving up for lent? I paused and thought about it. I don’t really carry a religious leaning, but her question had me considering some things in my life that might be good to break from for a bit… and I suppose she inspired this post.

This foodie lifestyle can mean giving up a lot of your daily routine as you minimize processed treats ~ at least that is the nature of comments I receive from others. For me, in giving up some habits my eyes were opened to the value in others… on the whole bringing more consciousness to my everyday actions. So this lent thing doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.

With that said my choice this year is less than profound. It is however something good for me and my pocketbook. I considered giving up alcohol- but in all honesty my girlfriends are home and I know that a few glasses of vino here and there will be at the heart of our social experience.

Instead, for the next 40 days I will do without tea lattes. No almond chai, no London fogs, none. This will reduce my caffeine intake as well as daily expenditures. In truth I know it wont last forever but it should provide some perspective and perhaps make them a treat again as opposed to a habit… finding my way back to moderation.

My dependency on tea lattes has been worse in recent weeks with this two hour break between jobs.  With each purchase I’ve felt a bit more guilt about my dependency. There’s something to be said for this time to explore downtown cafes and do some reading ~ but a little change of pace should be interesting too. Considering I’ve given up meat/dairy, coffee and processed foods you’d think I was a seasoned pro~ yet I know this one’s going to be a challenge.

Eating at cafes and restaurants will always be something I love to do~ I feel most at home with a latte in hand surrounded by strangers. I guess the trick is to make the most of those opportunities – and in my case make them special again. Next week I’ll be moving into a new place which means rent is back in the equation and excess spending is out! Now is good timing to give them up.

So what will I fill my time with? Well I’m trying to readjust my schedule in order for yoga to happen more- or running. All of which will be easier when I live closer to downtown. My new location means I can head home between jobs and make a nice yummy green dinner! Can you tell I’m excited? Already seeing new possibilities.

I’m type A, I like routine, control and organization, which makes change and letting things go more difficult. I’m most strict with myself – which can be good at times but destructive at others. Every Saturday there is a yoga class at Moksha that literally kicks my ass. My friend Jenny and I leave sweaty yet refreshed~ chatting about how great that felt. This week the word of the day was ‘surrender’ – and the instructor talked to us about letting go of the material and emotional things in our life which we cannot control. In the midst of micromanaging my work, my move and my life ~ this really stuck out as something I should listen to. Once again thinking in yoga class, which is not the objective. But it was a good reminder, and the message goes well with giving up lattes~ time to be conscious of the control those have over me – and open to days without them.

So here I sit on my break between jobs at a cafe, enjoying my last tea latte for a while~ Savouring every sip. Hoping that I have the will power to let them go.

Life’s all about the things you discover in the absence of habit. Right?

Are you abstaining from anything over the next 40?

Maybe coffee? Or dairy? Or sweets?

Best of luck!!


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