Winter Glow

11 days to Christmas – and the festivities are in full swing.  I had the pleasure of hosting a guest this last week and we had such a great time wandering through old shopping districts and gazing at holiday window displays.

What does the holiday season bring? Food, friends, shopping, loved ones, a little stress and…. dry skin.  Well I suppose the troubled skin has more to do with changing season, regardless its driving me nuts!  I’ve been blaming the discomfort on 13th floor city air~ but whatever the cause there must be something I can do about it besides lathering on lotion and lip balm.

With this in mind my blog research this week has involved seeking green ways to retain more moisture.  I discovered new tips and some old reminders, all of which I will now share with you!

For me glowing skin represents health, happiness and energy ~ and who doesn’t want all that? Information out there points to skin as our largest organ, making it a priority to achieving great overall health. What we eat, drink, feel, wear, think and do has an affect on our skin. So if we step back and look at the quality of our food, water, clothing and air there’s room to make changes and obtain that healthy glow.

10 tips to glowing skin 365

  1. Clean/Green foods (non-processed living foods)
  2. Veggie Juicing (2-3 times a day)
  3. Dry Brushing (See this article ~improves circulation/reduces cellulite/ignites glow)
  4. Soaps/moisturizers/detergents with natural ingredients
  5. Hydrate! (with H20)
  6. Reduce dairy and flesh consumption
  7. Search for clean fresh outdoor air
  8. Sweat!! Yoga/Running/Gym (just perspire)
  9. Monitor digestive system
  10. Relaxation (Sleep/Sauna/Steam)

Sometimes I find it challenging to utilize these tools as a busy schedule or other priorities mask the importance of self care. It can be too easy to let the body take abuse until sickness or other reactions arise.  This week I am making a conscious shift to keep up with dry brushing, juicing and sweating in the hopes my discomfort will be a thing of the past.  Also happy to continue eating lots of greens!

With that I will share one of my green meals from this week.  It was the the perfect delight after a brisk day of touring the city.

Asparagus, steamed kale, organic tomato sauce, organic rice pasta and roasted yams with herbs.  Simple boiling and steaming that can be accomplished by even the most amateur of veggie chefs.

While researching green skin scare I came across this wanderlust video with Kris Carr.  She talks on a range of different health related topics and answers some interesting questions.  I found it informative and enjoyable ~ so if you have a little time take a listen.

The more I read the clearer it becomes that overall health is a constant journey with so many incorporated aspects. Skin care is just as important as diet, exercise or meditation.  I suppose the best way to look at it is to be health conscious in all that you do, while continuing to be forgiving and kind to yourself on this journey.

This week I have learned that our skin is an amazing indicator of what the body is willing to accept or reject.  Therefore, paying closer attention to this organ will make for a happier you!  The trick becomes treating at the source, from within. Please share any other tips you have on maintaining that healthy skin.

Embrace your glow,

Merry Christmas!!


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