Green Infusion


Today’s post is about my transition to loving all things green.  Green juice, spinach, kale, cucumber, zucchini and so on…. I just can’t get enough.  You may be thinking really?

Well your skepticism is shared by many many others who are curious as to whether I miss meat, cheese or ketchup.  Yeah I’ll admit I enjoy the smell of fresh baked bread or bacon, but my desired foods are different now.

Growing up I had this perception that salad was a boring meal.  I would imagine iceberg lettuce, maybe tomato/cucumber doused in Kraft Ranch or Italian dressing.  Today my understanding is very different.  Whole Foods Market has a salad bar with over 200 ingredients to choose from.  There are greens, grains, veggies, nuts, seeds, fruits, lentils and more (mm-mm vegetarian paradise).  They also have ingredients listed for each item, which is great for breaking down nutrition and inspiring creations at home.

My favourite concoction this week:

  • seasonal greens
  • chickpeas
  • steamed cauliflower
  • marinated eggplant
  • raisins
  • almonds
  • slivered apples
  • & mango dressing

… now that’s a salad.

As I contemplated this shift in my eating habits I began to consider the presence of misconceptions in our lives.  All of us make assumptions and draw conclusions that rely on a very small fraction of reality.  Funny enough stereotypes rarely ring completely true.  To use a metaphor, my perceptions of Toronto before arriving here were nothing short of misleading.  From the nature of West Coast chit chat I expected a concrete jungle of high rises and dirty streets.  Then my explorations led to the contrary, with boutique style shops, beautiful neighbourhoods and so much character around every bend.  I was SO wrong.  Yes the humidity can be a pain some days, but there are also these really cool down pours followed by amazing sunsets and lightning shows.  I especially love evenings because the warm ambiance always motivates a long walk home.

It’s the same story with our food.  We carry preconceived notions of what is ‘good’ for us, where we get our nutrients and what health tastes like.  Until now I never really investigated these concepts or asked any challenging questions.  My recent shift in food consciousness has forced me to reach out for advice from doctors, restauranteurs and health or recipe bloggers who are actively bringing light to new information.  Much like Toronto I have warmed up to the idea of green foods and discovered all the wonderful things hidden behind stigmas (like great taste, a healthy body and extra energy).

With an open mind I hope that you’ll consider trying a green smoothie.  This Monday August 15th was International Green Smoothie Day (yes that’s a thing) so I went to my neighbourhood vegan eatery and ordered a kale, apple, ginger one ($5).  This may sound gross to some of you but it really is quite the opposite.  Green drinks can be delicious and are very important for your body to absorb nutrients and flush out toxins.  They have this way of instantly making you feel better and providing a jolt of energy.  I look forward to settling in so I can start making my own from home and sharing recipes with you.  In the mean time check out the Alkaline Sisters post this week, 10 Reasons to Drink Green Smoothies for fabulous tips to making these drinks part of your routine.

I was reading not too long ago that it takes approximately 6-8 weeks to alter your taste buds, which may explain why avocado went from my least favourite to most favourite food.  In the same way it took time for me to like Toronto and it will take time for you to like the taste of healthy food.  If you’re in a place where change is necessary don’t let apprehensions stand in the way… I promise the goodies on this side of the market are delicious too.

Try something green this week and get back to me ~ maybe kale, a smoothie or a yummy salad.



6 thoughts on “Green Infusion

  1. Britt, you are such a treasure, I love waking up on Wednesday mornings to read your latest , you are inspiring and enjoyable to read.I love alot of green and I truely could eat avacodos everyday I have heard that they are fattening but looking at you I have a hard time believing that. Take -care Dar

  2. Hi Brittney, I came across your blog through your mother, and just wanted to share my “green monster” reciepe with you. I have incorporated these into my daily routine since the beginning of July and have seen huge results! My skin is has never looked so young and glowy, plus it eliminates any cravings I have during the day.
    1cup vanilla almond milk
    3 handfuls spinach
    4 kale leaf
    .5 banana
    2 cups frozen blueberrys
    1 cup cold water
    1 scoop wheat grass powder (amazing grass)
    1 scoop brown rice protein powder (vanilla)
    blend all in the blender

    It’s importent to remember this is a meal subsitute, as if you have this everyday with your lunch or breakfast you may gain a couple of pounds. A website I love for good vegan reciepes is OhSheGlows. The girl lives in Toronto too! Anyways, just nice to see someone else enjoying the green smoothie! Take Care (:

  3. Hey Brit, glad you are warming up to Toronto! You’ll earn your juicer in no time, but til then isn’t it nice to be able to find a green juice made for you? You don’t need to scrub a juicer either! Thanks for linking to my post:)
    Big hugs across the miles.
    Ps. our neighbor friend in Youbou, Linda’s husband Tom, just lost the battle of a cancerous tumour, sooo incredibly sad. At the same time it propels my desire to learn and to share and is further inspiration for us to follow our passion for health to help more people understand the urgency in learning how to avoid cancer before it’s too late!

    • Oh no. So sorry for your loss. My hope is for those around me start to notice their own agency and take back their health. I still have to find a place to see the film Forks over Knives, its all about food for disease prevention.

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