Healthy on a Budget

‘healthy eating is too expensive’

Well I tend to disagree.  There are ways to make it work, plus think of all the money you’ll be saving on restaurant food, junk food and cold medicine when you are making your own healthy meals and building your systems’ immunity. I think of it as an investment in my capabilities to deal with life ~ and I promise it pays off!

Britt’s 10 Tips & Tricks for Eating Well on a Budget

1. pack your reusable bags (the ones that fold up small are best, a few in your purse or backpack & the rest in your car)

2. shop often (waste will cost you)

3. shop around (scope out your neighbourhood, compare and find the best deals on produce, dry products and bulk)

4. start off with the basics (jumping into the world of almond butters and premium organic crackers is expensive)

5. use veggie bags in the fridge (Debbie Meyer Green Bags help preserve your produce for longer)

6. always bring a detailed list! (I make lists for everything, and its especially important to shop with one so you don’t buy the whole store)

7. avoid shopping when hungry (purchase a Larabar or small bag of almonds to hold you over while shopping)

8. buy appliances as you need them (start with a juicer and slowly move to food processor, dehydrator and water ionizer as you can afford them – it will take some time to build your kitchen!)

9. plan meals ahead of time (think about what you will eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner and buy accordingly – and make meals with friends – need ideas?  visit Alkaline Sisters, My New Roots, Green Kitchen Stories ~

10. products such as quinoa, almond milk and nuts have long expiration dates (if you find deals stock up!)

Finding healthy foods to fuel your body becomes an essential part of the alkaline process. Search for grocery stores you enjoy shopping in because they will be your life line starting now.  Also find ones that make fresh wraps, sandwiches, salads or vegetarian sushi so that you can avoid fast food when you’re in a hurry. With the rewards this lifestyle offers, you may grow to love grocery shopping ~ just like I do!

~ Check out my Bookshelf, Pantry, Socialite, Green and Juicing pages for more tips on alternative product ideas and shopping methods ~

happy shopping!

- B

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